Individual Psychotherapy

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons including help or support with life transitions, relationship difficulties; work and career stresses, major life decisions, issues around grief and loss, or to deal with events from the past that are still bothersome and impacting their daily lives.  Whatever your reasons may be, therapy can be a safe, emotional space where you can explore ways to build the life that you want.

Individual psychotherapy begins by the two of us meeting for an assessment and evaluation session for approximately 60 minutes.  If you are using your insurance, this first meeting will be billed as an “evaluation”.  All meetings after that will be billed as individual psychotherapy, and these sessions last 45 – 50 minutes.  Even though there is technically only one evaluation session, in practice, the first few times we meet I will be asking you many questions about your background, current symptoms, and reasons for seeing treatment to get a good understanding of where you would like to focus our work.  After these first few sessions, a diagnosis and treatment goals can be discussed.

Generally, the agenda in our sessions will be set collaboratively and treatment will progress at your own pace.  I’ve found that for some people, 45 minutes seems like a really long time, and for others, the time seems to fly by!  For this reason, I recommend my patients think about what they would like to discuss before the session as this sometimes helps to make our use of time more effective, though this is certainly not required!

Please see the FAQ section for more information, and/or contact me at if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment.