Attachment Mix Tape Track #6 – “Flagship” by Jason Isbell


Hi Everybody!

I recently discovered the artist, Jason Isbell, on the NPR podcast, All Songs Considered. I love this song by him essentially recognizing the preciousness of what he shares with his partner now and seeing the negative impact of not taking care of his relationship over time. One of the best lines of the song is about a couple he observes across the room: “She’s got nothing left to learn about his heart, They’re sitting there a thousand miles apart.” This song resonates with me personally and professionally because the singer is talking about doing what it takes to make our partner feel loved and cherished – something I strive to do everyday with my partner and something I strive to help couples do in my practice by uncovering the blocks to the connection they once shared.

Flagship by Jason Isbell

There’s a few too many years on this hotel
She used to be a beauty you can tell
The lights down in the lobby they don’t shine
They just flicker while the elevator winds
And the couple in the corner of the bar
Have traveled light and clearly traveled far
She’s got nothing left to learn about his heart
They’re sitting there a thousand miles apart

Baby let’s not ever get that way
I’ll say whatever words I need to say
I’ll throw rocks at your window from the street
And we’ll call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

There’s a lady shining shoes up by the door
Cowboy boots for seven dollars more
And I remember how you loved to see them shine
So I run upstairs and get a pair of mine
And there’s a painting on the wall beside the bed
The watercolor sky at Hilton Head
Then I see you in that summer when we met
And that boy you left in tears in his Corvette

Baby let’s not ever get that way
I’ll drive you to the ocean every day
We’ll stay up in the presidential suite
And call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

You gotta try and keep yourself naive
In spite of all the evidence believed
And volunteer to lose touch with the world
And focus on one solitary girl

Baby let’s not live to see it fade
I’ll cancel all the plans I’ve ever made
I’ll drive and you can ride in the back seat
And we’ll call ourselves the flagship of the fleet

I hope this song inspires you to be mindful of the preciousness of relationships! Thanks for reading!

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